a much needed fresh start

I’ve always loved the notion of fresh starts. The phrase itself seems so… refreshing? In high school, I would spend hours day dreaming of the fresh start that college would bring me. My search history ornate with how do I reinvent myself? How can I start over? The truth is, you don’t have to wait for a new environment, or a new hair cut or a new opportunity. All you have to do is — do it! Every second is something new, along with every hour and every day and every month. So why not start now?

The point of all of this is: I decided my blog needed a fresh start. And so, here I am. Starting over. My goal is to be consistent this time. Not only do I wish to post my writing, but I will be blogging about writing itself, obstacles I’ve discovered and how I’ve dealt with them. I would also love to connect with other bloggers and writers through this and take advantage of this great community that we’re all a part of! Make sure to comment below so we can connect : )

I’m very exciting to be starting over and learning more through this whole process.

I’ll be back soon with more content!